June Roll of the Month

Baja Malibu Roll

Inside: Tempura whitefish, spicy krab, and cucumber

On top: yellow tail, avocado and salsa Fresca, and a squeeze of lime on the side



Chronic Mondays

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Half Price Wednesdays

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Sushi Lounge Family Kits

Sushi Lounge Family Kits are now available for purchase! Plan a fun dinner and create your own sushi rolls! 

Each kit includes:

12 pieces of nori (seaweed), sushi rice, spicy tuna, krab, avocado, cucumber, gobo, white sesame seeds, sliced green onions, crunchies, wasabi, ginger

Sauces: spicy mayo, sweet and spicy ponzu, eel sauce, soy sauce

Includes: sushi rolling mat and chopsticks

Makes up to 12 rolls.


Sashimi add on (no substitutions):

4 pieces tuna, 4 pieces salmon, 4 pieces yellowtail, 4 pieces shrimp


Need a tutorial? Watch Chef Frank demonstrate how to make a spicy tuna roll here: