What's Happening at Encinitas

Chef's Roll Contest, Encinitas

It is time for our annual Chef's Roll Contest!

Each year at this time, our sushi chefs put their creative and artistic skills to work in order to craft new and exciting sushi rolls for you to try. The rolls you choose to order from each location's special menu are tallied, and the roll that gets ordered the most will get showcased at all 3 of our restaurants!

The chef who created the winning roll for each location will be invited to go on a fishing trip with the owners. Ask your favorite chef which roll they crafted!

Below are photos of all of the entries for our Encinitas location. Plan to come in between September 1st through September 30th to help support our amazing chefs and try some new creations!


The “Good Karma” Roll
Inside: tempura soft-shell crab, spicy krab, gobo, sprouts, cucumber
On top: salmon, avocado, spicy scallop, garlic ponzu, lemon wasabi aioli, sriracha

The “Darling Darling” Roll
Inside: spicy tuna, gobo, asparagus
On top: tuna, hamachi, avocado, togarashi, yuzu jalapeno truffle vinaigrette

The “Barrel” Roll
Inside: soy paper, spicy lump crab, avocado
On top: hamachi, green onion, yuzu soy, togarashi

The “Red and White” Roll
Inside: cajun grilled shrimp, albacore, tempura shishito, asparagus, cucumber
On top: peppered tuna, avocado, lemon wasabi aioli, sriracha

The “Bahn Mi” Roll
Inside: spicy tuna, serrano chili, gobo, cucumber
On top: hamachi, avocado, pickled red onion, cilantro, spicy aioli

The “Rainbow Spider” Roll
Inside: tempura soft-shell crab, krab, gobo, sprouts
On top: ebi, tuna, hamachi, salmon, halibut, lemon wasabi aioli, micro cilantro

The “Mo’ Betta” Roll
Inside: shrimp tempura, spicy krab, cucumber
On top: tuna poke, avocado, jalapeno, sweet onion, chuka, eel sauce, crushed fried wonton