Let Sushi Lounge cater your next event! We strive to present the highest quality and the best service at our gatherings. Whether your party is big or small, you will make a huge impact with our beautifully designed creations, which are fully customizable to each individual event.

We also offer platters for pick up. Below are our favorite options but you can also fully customize any platter as well. Do you have a food allergy? We can accommodate almost all food allergies!

Platter #1 $99*

2 Shrimp Tempura Rolls
2 CocoMo Rolls
2 California Rolls
2 Crunchy Rolls
1 Philly Roll
1 Albacore Special

Platter #2 $119*

2 Spider Rolls
2 Chronic Rolls
2 Spicy Tuna Rolls
1 Shrimp Tempura Roll
1 Red Dragon Roll
1 Caterpillar Roll
1 CocoMo Roll
1 Albacore Special Roll

Platter #3 $139*

2 Rainbow Rolls
2 Chronic Rolls
2 Red Dragon Rolls
2 Tasmanian Devil Rolls
1 Haji Roll
1 Chuck Norris Roll

*No substitutions

Sushi Lounge Catering Info

We are a full service Catering Restaurant with trained chefs, servers, and bartenders. We bring the sushi experience to you with our 4ft mobile sushi case. We are able to handle all aspects of your event, including but not limited to: rentals, desserts, music, flowers, beverages and decorations.


It is $300 to have a Sushi Chef at your event. This includes 3 hours of set-up and service. Servers/Bartenders are $20 per hour starting from the arrival time and through departure. One server is required for parties of 20 or more. Light Sushi and kitchen appetizers start at $30 per person and Full Sushi and/or kitchen dinner service start at $40 per person. Each menu is customized for the event. We require a $1000 food/drink minimum.

Interested? Please contact us using the form below for more information.